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The daily experience and painted image of Africa has broken many youth’s hearts, visions and hopes for better future. The war, diseases, poverty, corruption, poor infrastructure, unemployment, poor leadership and not forgetting poor education system. These has left many African’s youth feeling hopeless, helpless, limited and with little expectation for change.


Jipende Afrika, we have chosen a journey out of passion and love for Africa resources with a mission to feature safe organic and natural, affordable but quality skin and hair care products made in Africa.

JIPENDE – AFRIKA. The word -JIPENDE is Swahili word meaning -Love yourself, – Combination of Jipende and Afrika brings home the meaning of -Love yourself Africa)


  • Is to give hope and encouragements to farmers generally, but especially mothers who are the majority farmers and working in the farms and plantations that produces most of the ingredients used to make the products.
  • Is to create employment opportunities by encouraging innovation, local manufacturing and off-course retail growth.
  • Is to build Africa economy through self-sustainability
  • Is to give hope to upcoming Entrepreneurs who believe in building Africa own products and services by use of local resources and platform.


Is to feature SAFE organic and natural, affordable but quality skin and hair products made in Africa


Our business is anchored and driven by beneficial partnerships, right from source who are the farmers, manufacturers to consumers. We believe in offering the really meaning of Jipende Afrika. We are committed and determined to deliver successfully OUR PROMISE for SAFE products that are TESTED, PROVEN, CERTIFIED Organic and Natural.




What make Jipende Afrika different, is the reality we bring to our customers. We bring the love of nature to healing of human body as solution to so searched beauty and healthy living. We collect treasures across Africa, maybe you will call them products but to us, they are just gift of Mother Nature, the unlimited love of God the creator for His people. It’s our culture of doing it right, simple and with passionate for the outcome. Imagine making good use of God given treasure in natural form to beautify His creation! It’s beyond doubt that every product we stock is made with love and we just don’t do business with it, but we express out love for nature and you, our KINGS and QUEENS.


With support of free consultation, the joy of using natural products is perfected and completed. I bet it’s a sad story for those who have never experienced our products since they miss to understand the true meaning of natural beauty and wellness.

Jipende Afrika we are bringing back the original culture from the Garden of Eden. From God creation he made it completely with love to serve humanity with all expectations and satisfaction. But down the line we always like going astray for our own reason and the end game is harmful chemical that results to sickness and even death.

It’s never too late to discover the true highway to taking care of your beauty and health with our natural and organic products. Join the movement. Join @jipende Afrika today and learn more about your inner you, discover the new you and be at peace with your soul.

welcome to Jipende afrika…

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