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Welcome to Jipende Afrika JIPENDE - AFRIKA. The word -JIPENDE is Swahili word meaning -Love yourself, - Combination of Jipende and Afrika brings home the meaning of -Love yourself Africa)

There is no where like home, everyone knows that but Afrika is more than a home for everyone from anywhere in the world. Do you really want us to tell you about this? Off-course we  Afrikans we love telling stories through our handmade products .

JIPENDE AFRIKA: The Leading Stockist of Natural and Organic  Beauty, Health and Wellness Products Made In Afrika


NOTE: All Our products undergoes proper ingredient and formulation analysis test for confirmation before they are allowed to be  placed on our E-Commerce and in our physical stores by vendors and suppliers for marketing and sales.

It’s a journey we have chosen out of passion and love for Afrika beauty, health and wellness heritage secrets with a mission to feature organic and natural products that are affordable, high quality and effective.

Why Buy From Us?   

“Our products are not compromised by harmful / Toxic chemicals, preservatives or exposed to impurities. You can count on us for high quality Afrika made Beauty, Health and Wellness products that are sourced from reliable manufacturers across Afrika.

“Buying from Jipende Afrika is simply promoting local manufacturer especially Cottage industry and other upcoming”

“Its a good opportunity to support reduction of unemployment”

HOW TO BECOME A VENDOR: All you need is to register as a vendor, our team will reach you to confirm about your products and quality standard before we can approve and once we confirm you approval, you are good go. We have built one of the best and simple system of operation and inventory management that can be used very well by our target Vendors.

In the event that a customer makes a purchase for product on the platform, www.jipendeafrika.com we   ensure end-to-end fulfillment of the order. The order will be dispatched through one of our delivery partners which enables us to accomplish both express and non express  deliveries  within East Afrika and worldwide through our international shipping partners.

All our vendor are open to confirm the terms of payment since we have options. Per daily sale, Weekly, Fortnight and monthly. Once a product is successfully delivered, the seller is paid as after our commission deduction. For more detail: click on Vendor terms and Condition.

Now allow me to tell you another story:   ”We are Proud Of You”

Welcome to Jipende Afrika
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